Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Waiting for.....Babies, babies, babies

If any of you read my nephew & niece-in-law's blog, you know that it says TODAY was the day for the sonogram to find out if Bean is a baby boy or a baby girl. We are sure it's a baby either way! I've been anticipating this day and telling people today was the day. Turns out, for some reason, the date is actually the 26th! The girls & I have such a fun gift to buy but we need to find out if we have a boy or girl cousin first to determine which variety we get.

Stay tuned as we hope to have that news by tomorrow!

My friend Leona (blog is Stamping with Betty Boop in my blog list) is about to POP with twin girls. She's at 34 1/2 weeks & the doctor is hoping she can hold out at least one more week. I know she'd appreciate prayers as she is on bedrest, is completely swollen (she calls her feet "Cabbage Patch" feet), and is physically ready for these girls to come, but really wants them to stay put until they are ready. She's one of my online stamping friends.

My friend Stephanie is pregnant with her 4th now. One mom at our co-op is expecting her 4th or 5th. And I am expecting, well, just for my babies to go outside to play because I have an unrelenting headache! LOL!

That's the baby report from San Antonio.

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