Saturday, February 7, 2009


Remind me not to blog when I'm under the influence of so many drugs. I just noticed several typos. "I NEW an answer." KNEW, I KNEW an answer! "Glad to go to Wal-Mart AT widen my choices." AND, AND, AND!!!! I typically find typos funny, so maybe you were able to get a giggle out of my BUI (blogging under the influence) post.

Some of the typical typos I make are: Dough for the name Doug, New You instead of New York (not that I type New York that much!), poop for pop, and probably the one I do most often now that we have a Chris in the family is to address him in writing as Christ. I am PRETTY sure I've caught it before sending it out! I feel (or pheel, or fill, or Phil) that I am in good company, though, when I read things like church bulletin bloopers or hear of other funny typos. The one that is closest to home that gives me a giggle (and shame on me that it does) was a letter sent out my parents' former church secretary with minutes of a meeting. One of the topics addressed was taking food to SHUT ins. You will have to look at the keyboard to see how she misspelled that!

By the way, I am Pheeling Phar more phunctional today. And you can blame my friend Beth (whose husband is Dough--LOL!) for the phonetical spelling. It all started with Phil and went downhill phrom there!

I will work on my spelling skills. Maybe my kids should give ME spelling tests!

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