Sunday, September 14, 2008

On the Road

For those who are curious, Greg & Robin, and Lindsey, the dog-who-thinks-she's-a-person, decided to drive this way. They are at Mom & Dad's for at least 2 nights. Nils & Katie (their son/DIL) are here in San Antonio, so they have plenty of family around to spend time with. I found out Becky & Chris (my niece/nephew) are driving back from Las Vegas. That gives them a couple of days to get back & they will likely stop in San Antonio. We could have quite the reunion in the middle of the week.

I asked how the church members were doing. Mom said as far as she knows, the main problem is that they have no power and the water is well water, which needs electricity to pump. She said if they have hand pumps they could use that, but if not, then that's a really tough spot to be in. Hopefully Red Cross will arrive there to help out.

As for us, Mom says they got a little rain last night. I haven't checked. It's been super cloudy all day today. After 100 degrees yesterday with what felt like 95% humidity, I'm happy to stay put inside waiting for my sinus infection to go away! I think I have a hurricane in my head!

I'll update as we know more.


Stephanie said...

And we know how much you like family reunions! What's this...the fourth, fifth, sixth of the year? ;)

Chef Mama said...

Pretty much the 87th, but who's counting? Maybe you should come with me next time! =+) Um, that's a smiley with a nose in it. Notice it's mine: the septum is a bit deviated. LOL!