Wednesday, September 10, 2008

All Grown Up

LONG before I had kids, I became an aunt. I was 15 when my nephew, Nils, was born, so in some ways I felt more like a big sister to them when they were young. They would come for visits in the summertime and we did all the fun stuff there was to do. In those first years we (my parents and I) lived at Canyon Lake, there was NOT a lot of fun stuff around. Schlitterbahn didn't open til I was a junior in high school, or maybe a senior. Sea World opened when I was a new teacher. And Fiesta Texas (six flags) didn't open til much later. We did have Landa Park, a nice park in New Braunfels with good playground equipment and a duck pond. There's also one of those steam engine trains you can ride. AND the zoo. I think my mom STILL has the "mold-a-rama" critters that they got at the zoo.

This is my nephew and niece when they were about 2 & 4. Isn't that sweet the way they were hugging each other? Okay, so it was posed, but it's still cute! They are the best of friends. She was his "Best Woman" in his wedding & he was her "Man of Honor." I was just reading Becky's blog (The Kisers in my blog roll) and she said to the moms & aunts she is NOT ready for kids. So, I decided I'd have to settle for a trip down memory lane to see the kids I got to have fun & play with for so many years before having my own.

Here they are now. I cropped the others in the family out of this shot. The others have a "Are we through with pictures yet" look on their faces! LOL!

Okay, so if Becky & Chris aren't ready for kids yet, when are Katie & Nils going to have some???? !!!!!

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