Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Practically perfect Niece

Okay, I can't let my niece's comment go without notice. You see, my niece is practically perfect. Just ask her husband! Or better yet, just ask Becky! LOL!

How often we look at Natalie & think, "That is Becky all made over!" Becky's best friend since they were 3 said this to Becky when she first met Natalie, "She's JUST LIKE YOU!" Natalie looks a lot like Becky, acts a lot like Becky, and has the same shopping desires as Becky. Natalie is a bit shyer than Becky was at this age, but only for the first 3 minutes or so. Did I mention that they have just a tiny bit of a competitive spirit? Okay, I'm lying. They have a HUGE amount of competitive blood & there is nothing kind spirited about it. I mean, they are out for blood & guts when it comes to winning. Bwahahahahaha! NO, not really. But, they do like to win. Becky at Natalie's age was, um, a bit ACTIVE. Yeah, hyperactive would aptly describe her. She was also a bit of a dreamer. We had to call her back to earth a lot. Natalie, well, she's OFFICIALLY ADHD, so 'nuf said about that!

The one area I can see a big difference in is how they feel about dogs. Natalie would bring home every dog we see, but we can't have a dog here. Honestly, if we could, I would love to bring home several dogs, too. Phil has other thoughts on that. Becky, not so much on the dogs. But, I can't blame her. See, from the time she was old enough to remember, her family had dogs. Not poodles, not dachshunds, but BIG dogs. They had Golden Retrievers who were far bigger than Becky. They had a Golden who gave birth to either 12 or 14 pups! This was a BIG dog! Later, they had Black Labs who also were BIG dogs. I have this suspicion that they were really small horses in dog costumes, but I've never been able to verify that. Really, if you are the QUEEN, and some animal who is bigger than you tries to rule the roost, wouldn't you consider this highly disrespectful?

Why am I posting about my niece instead of telling you what's going on here? Because she is the only one who left me a comment lately, so I thought I should indulge her. I have to protect her fragile self-esteem after all.

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Becky Kiser said...

thanks aunt lowee!! :)