Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My "Practically Perfect" child

One of my all-time favorite movies is Mary Poppins (which sounds best said like Dick Van Dyke said it all spread out, "May-a-reeeeeeeeeeee Po..........ppins", much like my Grandma from East Texas would have said). On her measuring stick, it has her measurement marked with, "Mary Poppins, Practically Perfect in Every Way." Well, Bethany most definitely has listened over the years as she is quick to tell you that no one is perfect except God.

On Wednesday we visited a new pediatrician. She isn't new to ME, but new as a doctor. Barbara Belcher is a Pampered Chef consultant whom I've known for about 6 years. We've never had the right insurance to go to her until now. With Phil's new plan, we could use a family practice doctor (which he & I are doing) within the Well-Med plan (WM is the company he works for now), or we could choose a pediatrician. Sadly, our pedi clinic was not on the list. I had to choose one from the list, or take them to a doctor in the adult clinic where they specialize in treating the elderly. Hmmm, what to do! I looked and was SO happy to see that Dr. B. was on the list!

Her office is near downtown. In flowing traffic it only takes about 20 minutes to get there, which is about what it takes to get to our former clinic. It's just not a familiar area to me. The clinic where we used to go is in a very nice area of town which has developed into a medical community. The offices are all fairly new. They had a toy train track raised with engines that raced through the building. There were cool heat activated drawing boards that only required a hand to use. They had all the latest equipment AND they always had a movie on.

Well, this office is older and smaller. There was a tv on, but we happened to be there during "Playhouse Disney" which is a preschool show. There is a fish tank, which is WAY cool, but no train. Mostly, the issue we had was that the girls were too tired and Natalie felt a need to complain. A lot. Mainly it was due to waiting. She had things with her to do, she just chose not to do them. Yet, Natalie is the child who was "practically perfect" today.

You see, Bethany is a very small child. She is at the 3%ile mark for height & has been below the chart so long for weight that they can't even track it. Both girls had eyes checked and had 20/20 vision. At one point, Bethany must have not understood this was a test & when Natalie said something wrong, she said, "NO, it's ....." (whatever the letter was)! I had to explain to her not to do that. I didn't ask what the hearing test showed, but since nothing was mentioned, I guess it was normal, too. But, my wild, wiggly, wordy wee woman was practically perfect. HER weight is in the 48th percentile & HER height is in the 49th percentile. She's JUST RIGHT for her age! So, for today, my baby is PRACTICALLY PERFECT! Of course I can say that now. She's sound asleep!

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Becky Kiser said...

so natalie and i are alike... practically perfect. i am so glad some one can appreciate "our kind." :)