Thursday, May 1, 2008

My parents went to Florida and all I got was.......

You know the T-shirt. The one that parents like to get for their kids to gloat when they go somewhere fabulous. Well, my parents don't ever bring us gloating gifts! And we are amazed that they even bring us gifts at our age! LOL! But, I do find it enjoyable to wear the t-shirts from Florida that they have brought me in the past. For one, I lived in Florida, "The Sunshine State" (I am immortalized on cassette tape with a whole story about life in Florida, recorded when I was about 9!). The other reason is that MY NAME is in the middle of the state. fLORIda. It's oh so obvious to me now, but it wasn't until about 5 years ago that I noticed this. Color me dorky.

All this rambling is leading to the fact that my parents are taking a trip to fLORIda! One of mom's brothers & SIL will be leaving to head north for the summer on May 6th, so my folks are heading there a bit early to see them. Then, her other brother & SIL will still be there (on the other side of Florida, I think; geography isn't my strong suit). They also have friends in Florida, so it will be a nice trip all around.

Mom's knee is coming along. Um, of course it's going along on the trip. I mean that it is healing nicely. She still has pain if she bends it too much. She kneeled down to do something, intending for her weight to be on her right knee, but she didn't realize how much it would hurt her left knee to bed it & have pressure on it. I know that riding in the car will be much more pleasant than before she had the surgery.

The girls & I will be pseudo housesitters. Because it is May, life is very busy, so we won't be able to go spend days at their house. We'll drive over to water plants & such a few times.

Hopefully, after a very "eventful" beginning to the year, this will be rather uneventful, but very pleasant and enjoyable!

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