Friday, May 9, 2008

Bethany's address to the Union

Bethany bridged to Cadette's tonight. One of her requirements was to do something to help plan the ceremony. We had the 2 girls that bridged write about their memories of being a Junior. Bethany's made me laugh. You know how when your kids moves on to something new, it can make you kind of teary eyed? Well, this time it just made me laugh. I almost got teary eyed just from knowing how silly she was when she wrote this. Tomorrow I'll try to upload pictures. For now, here is her essay. She was too shy to read it, so a good friend read it for her.

Back in the old days, when I was a Junior, I experienced a lot of fun things. One thing I enjoyed was the day in juniors when I got to eat chocolate. It was also fun when we had Girl Scout sleepovers at Mrs. Frazier’s house. It was also fun when we had the sleepover at the Crespins’ house. Another thing that was fun (and still will be) is the friendship circle. My favorite badge to earn was art in the home. The thing I will miss is my other friends who will not be in Cadettes yet .

I am looking forward to being with my friends who used to be in Juniors a long time ago but have already bridged to Cadettes. If I could do these IP’s (Interest Projects) I would want to do the Travel one, From Shore to Sea, Pets, Sports for Life, Visual Arts, Rolling Along, Water Sports, Wildlife, Reading, Artistic Crafts, Games for Life, and High Adventure. Thank you for listening my fellow citizens of America!

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