Monday, January 3, 2011

Off to the doctor

Well, it looks like we'll be taking a little trip to the doctor in the morning to see what is wrong with Miss Natalie. We'll find out if she had the flu. I hope not since I did NOT get my flu shot. I think it's a sinus infection.

Today Bethany asked an interesting question, "If you pour a LOT of oil on a little candle (lit) will it burn or put out the flame?" I told her I didn't know but I wouldn't be the one to find out! She won't either. She has hated fire & flames since she was little. We just watched some home videos of her at her 3rd b-day & she was scared of the candle. To this day she will not eat cake if it's from the part where the candle was. She says it all tastes like wax. I remember as a little girl loving to eat the icing off the candles! Then again, I also liked those tiny wax bottles with liquid sugar inside that you would suck out then chew the bottles.

I'm still not well, but I am not AS sick as I was last week. That was no fun at all.

There are clothes to be washed before the morning, but I wanted to try to keep this record going of every day blogging.

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