Friday, January 14, 2011

The Diagnosis of the Day

In our house we could make knew episodes of "Mystery Diagnosis." Except, I think in that show the patient always died, so we'd have to totally revise it to make it family friendly! Natalie is feeling a LOT better but still, um, needing mucinex. My mom's family used to joke that you could tell you were part of the family because of all the throat scratching/clearing noises due to allergies. Let's just say she's part of the family.

Phil was feeling bad last week, but this week he's just tired. He's not been able to get out on his motorcycle, but "tis the season" for unpredictable weather. It's raining & cold this weekend.

Bethany seems to be the healthiest of the bunch. She had that bit of a sore throat after Christmas, but now is just merrily moving along with life. How can someone that tiny stay so healthy? It IS a mystery!

Then there is Mama. After this last round of Biaxin (very strong antibiotic that made me feel nauseous the whole time I took it), I've now developed a urinary tract infection & am on meds for that. I know I need to get cranberry tablets to take. I HATE cranberry juice. The tablets I can tolerate. Just haven't been out. And I need to get back on the probiotics to be sure I DON'T get another infection. I asked the rheumatologist (I see him for my fibromyalgia) about any test that might be done to see why I get sick so often or if there is something in general causing me to have all these issues. He said, "I don't see any unifying factor here. You just happen to have a bunch of auto-immune disorders." Oh, boy! LOL!

Right now I feel as if I'm in early stage labor except the pain doesn't come in waves/contractions. It just is there. And there's no baby at the end. ha, ha!

Now you know why I missed posting a few days. Am thinking of something new to post about but it will wait. I know all 3 of my readers are waiting anxiously! : )


April Carroll said...

I've been waiting anxiously for you to post to the message board! LOL
I had Biaxin only once (for the bacterial issue in my small bowel) and I will NEVER take that drug again, even if I am near death! That is a horrible antibiotic, it should not be prescribed!

Anonymous said...

I agree with April. BAD Antibiotic... BAD Here is what I posted to you on FB: Lori -- That put me in the hospital for a night about 20 years ago... OMG however it is formulated ... .I got such a bad UTI that I was shaking and such every time I had to potty (which was every other minute) and I passed out and woke up in the emergency room on an IV. I got a big rash too. I am apparently allergic to it.

Kathy said...

Waiting anxiously for your "mystery" post........