Saturday, February 13, 2010

An unexpected sleepover in the hospital

Edited below with pictures & more info.

I'll have to post more from home or after Natalie's asleep. We came to the ER to see about a wound that had not improved since we saw the dr. on Thursday. The dr. said to go to the ER if it got worse. It did. We did. The dr. here lanced it (VERY painful as the local anesthetic did not kill the pain) but wants to keep us overnight to watch it.

Natalie is a tough cookie. She has never winced at getting shots. She seems to frequently be hurting herself (this happens when you are ADHD & don't watch where you are going). But her pain tolerance is high. We KNEW when she started crying that she was in pain. I told her it was okay to scream.

When we first got to the ER it was about 2. Natalie's main concern was that we be OUT OF HERE by 6 for her Girl Scout cookie booth. Funny girl!

I'm going to sign off & let her play on the computer (that Phil graciously brought to me!). She's having a hard time being still & is bored to tears but not sleepy yet! Will update tomorrow.

Edited 2/19: Our trip started with a bump Natalie got a few weeks ago. It started to improve. In this picture you can see it was healing nicely a week after the bump. She & her friend happened to be working on a photography badge for Girl Scouts, so we had a picture of it.

Then, a week later it started looking a bit swollen. Throughout the week it got worse, so we went to the doctor on Thursday. She put Natalie on an antibiotic but said if it got worse over the weekend we needed to get to the ER. I decided I needed to take pictures to be able to compare them (not trusting my brain to remember if it was better or worse!).

This was on Thursday.

As you can see, it got worse, so we went to the ER. This is what it looked like on Sunday (the lancing was done on Saturday):
It seems to be doing better, but is a bit more swollen than I'd like. I'll have to watch it over the weekend & see if we need another trip to the doctor.
Now, I must show you another picture. It seems that the bumps were spreading on her face.

She & her friend both did this. I think her eye wound looked better than they did with these! LOL!

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Miss Iowa said...

I hope Natalie is feeling better now. Brave little thing, isn't she?