Saturday, November 21, 2009

Why do people like Mac computers?

My niece blogged asking opinions of Mac vs. Dell. Her post is here . I'm married to a computer tech. We have 3 desktops (technically Phil has 2 "towers" with one monitor, so that's 4 desktops), all built or re-built by my hubby. They all run Microsoft except Phil has Linux on one of his as well. He has a laptop, we have a dysfunctional laptop, other towers, and now 2 little tiny notebook computers that were given to us b/c the owner was tired of messing with them, so Phil is working on those. We have multiple pieces of computers all over our "office" which is in our bedroom in this house. The only computer we've actually bought was my husband's that he built. I guess Phil is sort of the "dumpster diver" version of a geek. If someone is tossing it, he grabs it & makes it work.

Needless to say, with all these techy pieces around, we aren't looking for another computer. However, I was intrigued by her question & the responses. Most people said go with Mac, but no one added WHY, I'm sure b/c she's already looked at them & knows what they have. Phil said the big difference is that Macs are good for "heavy graphic work." His company uses all Dell products.

So, what does a Mac do that makes it special? I'm very curious now!

Now I will date myself by saying I remember using an Apple computer in college. Back then, they were the only home computers. I didn't have one, but that's what they had somewhere on the Southwest Texas college campus. Couldn't tell you why or where, but I do remember using it!

Tomorrow I will be buying Apples, but they are the round edible type for pies on Thursday. :)


April Carroll said...

Lori - We bought Adam a Mac for college and he loves it! It is so EASY to use, much more 'intuitive'!

Chef Mama Lori said...

April, how is it easier to use? I've never even seen one so I'm totally clueless. Thanks!