Monday, September 14, 2009

Tears of Sorrow, Tears of Joy

Sunday was the day my great niece, Emery Jewell Smith, was dedicated to the Lord in church. Later in the day her daddy, my nephew Nils, became an ordained pastor in the same church. Both services were special, but the one for Nils was really cool. We'd never been to an ordination service so enjoyed seeing how it went.

There were many tears of joy throughout the ordination service, but they were also combined with tears of sorrow. Nils' wife, Katie, lost her grandfather at 7:20 on Sunday morning. He had been to San Antonio to see the baby when she was just about 2 weeks old. That weekend he had to go to the ER here in SA, then got to go home to Houston and ended up with minor surgery, but discovered cancer was back and his time here on earth would be brief. That was just about a month ago. Katie's mom, Caron (this was her dad) and Katie's dad Pat had been to Houston every weekend. They were there on Friday through late Saturday, and were heading back today. Katie's sister, Kelly, and her fiance, Josh, were able to go to Houston on Friday, as well.

Please pray for this family as they are grieving the loss of this dear man, rejoicing that he is with the Lord, celebrating the Lord's call on Nils' & Katie's lives, and preparing for a wedding in November. Caron also told me her sister had been in the hospital for over a month with pneumonia and was just getting well when their dad got sick. Thanks for your prayers.

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I was thinking about you today.
Hoping things are good.