Friday, September 25, 2009


I've finished two bags & have one waiting for lining. I love the way this first one turned out!
It's a simple little tote bag, but I machine quilted the fabric and added a slip pocket inside. This purse is spoken for, but if you would like to have one made like this, please let me know.

This next one is MUCH larger than I imagined. I quilted the sections, then sewed them together. I need to make the lining with pockets, then I will finish off the bag. I have one more cut out in this style and after that I will alter the pattern to make the sides narrower. One friend suggested it as a diaper bag. It could also work as a small piece of luggage.
Last, my trial and error and error and error and error bag.

This is what happens when you try to alter patterns and it is why I made this bag. I knew there would be "kinks" along the way, so this was my sample bag. I can tell you what I like about it: the fabric and the size. Also, it ended up with longer handles than I thought it would have and I do like that. I put a large zippered pocket inside and 2 slip pockets. I like those (though I only could find a small white zipper so it doesn't match inside).

Now, so much I don't like. The water bottle pocket turned out well, BUT I don't like it on the side. What do you think? I'd prefer it on the front or back of the bag. Also, it needs to be lower on the bag. The other pocket is just humorous. How in the world did I end up with it way up there? I suppose it would keep my cell phone right in reach! LOL! I don't like the way the zipper is applied to this. It was WAY too much work and didn't end up fitting right. The straps weren't working the way I wanted them to work. I had to take tucks to get things to fit together. It was just disastrous. I will NOT put the pictures of the inside on my blog. Just trust me on this one! LOL! I am altering the pattern & will discuss some changes with my clients before I start sewing their bags.

I would NOT sell this to anyone, at least not with MY name on it! LOL! I will wear it & see if I get any leads from that.

Thanks for coming by today!


Karen Lynn said...

What kind of leads? the pathetic look as people walk by? the oh-honey-I-am-so-sorry-about-your-fashion-statement?

BWAHAHA! Keep on sewing! You are determined and you will get it right!

April C said...

I LOVE the fabrics on the second bag!!!! I want one!

Davis Family said...

First of all... I love the bags..
I love a bag with lots of pockets on the inside. and I love the water bottle on the outside. That way - it's just there. Your child can get to it without getting into your purse.
Cell phone holder is great too.
I liked Vera Bradley bags when they were not popular. And I like Lori Bags too!
Meanwhile I wish someone would tell me they don't like mine when I wear it... I'm smackin them over the head with it. lol hee hee
No one disses a Lori Bag and gets away with it. ahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Miss Iowa said...

And now you understand why I don't enjoy sewing. LOL! But I know you will persevere and make some beautiful bags.