Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fall is here!

Yesterday I told my friend Kathy how much I was enjoying our cool weather. She said, "Now you have something to blog about!" LOL! After our hottest summer on record, fall has arrived with a cool front and rain. The temperature never got above 80 yesterday and we are expecting the same today. With that we had nice showers. Actually, we had downright heavy rain! All summer I've said it looked like fall outside: everything was various shades of brown from being dead. Today I can see sprigs of green popping up in my yard. It may be weeds, but it is green!

Life is busy here. I'm adding tote bags and purses to my line of Chef Mama's Crafts and have several orders already. I'm very excited about this venture! I have 3 Craft Fairs lined up, one per month in October, November and December.

Hope you have a wonderful day enjoying fall!

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Davis Family said...

We are enjoying Fall too. I've had my air off and windows open up here. It's about 70 all day! Yippee... it will be hotter later in the week, but for now, I'm pretending it is a real fall!

Love ya,