Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Crafting with hubby

That title is hilarious. You see, my husband doesn't craft. He doesn't stamp, he doesn't sew, he doesn't even call stickers by their rightful name. The only time he's painted would have been to "trick out" a dirt bike WAY back in the old days. Anything resembling a sticker would be called a "decal." Tonight, though, I sat on the floor assembling cards while he sat on the couch with foam, scissors and glue. Oh, yes, one more thing: his motorcycle helmet! Bwahahahaha! He was trying to make it more cushioned or something. When I told him we had been crafting together, he said, and I quote, "Huh?" I repeated my words. He said, "This is NOT crafting." Oh, well, you take what you can get I guess!

I just thought this was a funny thing to share about my computer geeky, motorcycle riding, formerly airplane pilot husband, who does NOT craft. He doesn't cook either. In case you wondered. tee-hee!

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Davis Family said...

Well it sucked me right in.
A Family that Crafts together stays together. hahaha