Tuesday, August 4, 2009

38 Days???

As of yesterday we broke a record for the most number of days with 100 + temps in San Antonio in a year: 38. The previous record was the day before when we hit 37 days. August has just begun, which means that record will likely soar.

What that means to us:
  • No watering the lawn except by hand on certain days. Okay, so we don't water our lawn anyway. Our water bill is high enough without that.
  • It looks like fall: ALL the plant life has now turned color--various shades of brown!
  • We stay inside. It's too hot to play outside. The few times the girls have gone out to play have been to use the hose and play with water balloons. OH, and that one day when we got 5 drops of rain.
  • Our electric bill just hit a record high. Granted, our house size went from 1070 sq. ft. to 1700 sq. ft when we moved, so you'd expect a higher bill. Still seeing the actual bill was a bit startling. I'm wondering if they will take payments of Pampered Chef products or handcrafted items. At any rate, I am going to learn to sweat more inside the house & turn the air to a higher temp.
  • We don't go many places. The car gets hot & takes awhile to cool down. This is not a bad thing, as it prevents us from spending money if we stay home. Though today's venture should be okay: returning some things to the store to GET money, picking up a library book and only getting a few essential groceries.
  • We love Sonic from 2 to 4. They have 1/2 price drinks and if we are out during that time we can get a Cherry Limeade, or even a Grape Strawberry Vanilla rootbeer (not really, but Bethany does like to mix up her flavors). Who am I kidding? I like to go for the Rt. 44 Coke for 80 cents! Why does Coke taste better from Sonic?
If you've never heard me do my Wicked Witch of the West impression, just picture me saying these words, because they are true in this heat,"I'm MELLLLLLLTTTTIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNGGGGG!"

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Davis Family said...

bless your heart!
We had a week or so repreave... but we will have 7-10 more days of 100+ weather here...

Come visit Ft. Worth!
Bring the kids - we can go to the Cowgirl Museum!