Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Twins Arrived!

My friend Leona had her twin girls this past Saturday, February 28th. You can read all about it on her blog: They are BEAUTIFUL, healthy girls and are ALREADY HOME! Truly a miracle.

We also had an arrival at our house yesterday. We welcomed Lily and another yet to be named creature. The girls are in a zoology class at our homeschool co-op & this semester is all about Swimming Creatures of the Fifth day. These are the animals God created on the 5th day to "team with the waters," (I THINK that's how it's worded---they're the swimmin' critters!). Part of the class involves raising tadpoles. We brought ours home yesterday. These are our first pets EVER. Living in a rented house and living with a man who really doesn't care for animals as pets, we've never been able to have a real pet. I'm pretty sure the "no pets" doesn't apply to tadpoles. These aren't pets. They are a school project. I'll have to get pictures & put them on my blog as the 'babies' grow and change.

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