Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just a little post

Just a quick post to fill in space on my blog.

Last week was Spring Break. I thought I'd use it to catch up on school work. Nope. The girls took an overnight trip with our neighbors to the beach! They went to Corpus Christi & got lovely lobster sunburns, but had a great time. One mom, 6 kids! She gets the Super mom award.

When they got back, I pulled that muscle in my back/neck that I mentioned & lost a day just being on the couch.

They both had another sleepover somewhere in there.

Bottom line: we got zero school work done. I suspect we'll have a busy summer doing work!

Phil & I had birthdays. He turned 52 & I turned 25. HA! HA! I turned 44. My mom was already a grandmother at my age. My brother is about to be a grandfather at Phil's age. We are obviously late bloomers as our kids are just 10 & 12!

I'm going to play accident victim tomorrow. There is a company in San Antonio called BRC: Biodynamic Research Corporation. They restage accidents, sort of. They record data to be used in legal suits concerning accidents in cars, planes, and even on bikes. They use cars that are as close to the make & model of the original as possible. They use "surrogates" as close to the make & model---um, I mean as close to the measurements of the victim as possible. They pay quite well for you to sit in a vehicle & even more to use your vehicle (we've been blessed to use ours twice, and I also was the surrogate for those sessions). This means I need to get to bed so I can get up early.

Bethany has the sniffles & is having a hard time falling asleep. If you happen to check in tonight, please say a prayer for her to feel better quickly. Thanks!

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