Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hold the Mayo, PLEASE!

Remember the song, "Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce...." C'mon, I know you're singing along! Had I known what I was getting to eat the other day I would have said, "Hold the mayo!" My Mom-in-law had been out of town & flew into San Antonio Thursday evening. We met her at Luby's, a local cafteria, for dinner. While I was looking forward to visiting with her and eating OUT, I don't get too excited about eating at the cafeteria any more. It's hard to find anything that I am SURE is gluten-free. I generally get the 3 veggie meal. It comes with the yummiest looking bread, but I can't eat it. Yes, you are supposed to feel sorry for me at about this point. Ha, ha!

Thursday, as I was looking over the food, I spotted fish that was BAKED, not fried. That means that I know there isn't a CRUST on it, but there could be gluten on the fish still or in the seasonings. I asked if they used flour on the fish (if I ask, "Is there gluten in that?" they look at me like I'm from Mars). The man told me no, so I decided to try it out & hope for the best. I don't think there was gluten, as I didn't get any of the symptoms of eating gluten. However, what was on it makes me nauseated to think about.

I do not like mayonaise. I don't mind it at all mixed into things like tuna salad or deviled eggs. I absolutely adore the Ranch dressing made with the little packet plus mayo & milk. I can TOLERATE mayo on a sandwich (well, in my pre-Celiac dx I could, now I only make my own sandwiches on rare occasions). But to actually TASTE the mayo by itself makes me want to gag.

When I sat down I thought this thick slice of fish looked a little odd. As I put my fork into it, I knew there was a coating of something on top of the fish. I think it was solid mayonaise. Not just a thin coating, but a big honkin' half-inch thick layer of MAYONAISE. The seasonings were on top of the mayo. I about threw up when I took the first bite, then immediately wiped off the mayo. Of course, that wiped off all the seasoning. I was able to eat the fish, but the thought of having fish soon is not appealing.

I have to say, it's a good thing I'm not Catholic because the thought of going through Lent eating fish every week, well, I think I'd be on a new diet!

The company was good, the veggies were delicious, and the lack of dishwashing was great. Next time I go to the cafeteria, I will definitely get all veggies and HOLD THE MAYO!

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