Thursday, July 9, 2009


My scale says I gained 5 lbs. I hate my scale. I think I should toss it out the window. Except my clothes tell me I've gained 5 lbs., too. How can you eat lower fat food, climb up & down stairs all day when you are used to a one story house, and GAIN weight? I haven't done a serious diet or exercise, BUT I should have at least stayed the same or even lost a tiny bit just with more physical activity & less fat intake. As Miss Clavell says in the Madeline books, "Something is not right!" I suppose I should eat celery & walk a mile in the 102 weather, but I don't have the will power or physical energy for that right now. Maybe next week!


Davis Family said...

It is too hot outside to walk past like 7am and before 8pm...

And you can toss that scale out with mine.


Miss Iowa said...

I gain weight just LOOKING at food. What the hell?!

Oops. Can I swear on your blog?