Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sweet Baby Pictures

Got to sneak a peek at this precious baby today. Here she is for those whom I have not already bombarded with baby news! LOL!

Nils & Katie with their new baby Emery

Isn't she beautiful?

Mama loves her little bundle

Great Grandparents Mammaw & Poppaw Smith (my parents)

Grandma & Gramps Smith---Actually GiGi & Bee Gee Smith, my sis-in-law Robin who is an incredible singer heard the grandma name "Gigi" and it fits so well, and my brother Greg who is BG: Big Granddaddy or Big Greg! He did NOT want to be called Gramps! LOL!
Held by her 6'7" grandpa, this little less than 20" bundle looks so tiny!
(though, most of us look small compared to him!)

Emery was born at Northeast Baptist Hospital. Her daddy is a youth/singles pastor at Trinity Baptist, where her mommy grew up, and her maternal grandparents and aunt attend. Her uncle Chris & Aunt Becky go to 1st Baptist in Houston, and Becky works there. Her Grandpa Greg is a Methodist pastor, and her greats are Methodist, so it was kind of a church get together at the hospital! LOL!


Miss Iowa said...

Yes, she IS beautiful! New momma and poppa look great, too. Hope everyone is doing well.

Davis Family said...

Everyone looks great.
Loved seeing pics of the family!