Friday, October 26, 2012

Christians and Politics: Guest Blogger 3, Beth

Welcome to my third Guest Blogger, Beth! She's a dear online friend and a fellow "dork sister" (a group of us who admit to doing really silly things on a daily basis). Enjoy reading her take on this topic!

Should Christians be involved in politics? If so, in what ways? 

 Yes, I believe so.  I think we should do our best to make our voices heard. I think we need to stand by our Christian principals and faith when we are involved.  For me, I can't check my faith and beliefs at the door of my house when I leave to go elsewhere. My faith is a core part of who I am, how I respond to life, and my outlook and world view.  I can't check it at the door and go and be someone else when involved in politics or community events.  I think our biggest way to be invovled is to PRAY.  God promises he will hear the prayers of the righteous and all of us can be involved in prayer for our nation, our leaders at the local levels and national levels. 
Does God's Word, the Bible, have anything to say about politics?  

I think we need to remember the fruits of the spirit when dealing in, joy, peace,patience, kindness, goodness,  mercy, etc.  If we respond and interact this way in  our political dealings, I think God will be blessed and we will show others what true Christians really look like. The verse about rendering to Cesear what is Cesear's comes to mind too. I think we do need to be faithful, tax paying, law abiding citizens.  The issue for me is if the laws change in such a way to where they are not meeting my biblical standard...what then? Will we be forced to abide by laws that go against our religious beliefs?? That's a problem and I think at that point my religious beliefs should overtake the laws of the land. But, hum.....not sure I have all the answers for this one.
Should pastors share political ideas from the pulpit? Why or why not? If yes, in what ways

 I'm not sure about this one.  Our minster has been pretty quiet about it lately. He's not really touched on the subject.  I agree that you don't want your church to be divisive over political issues but truth needs to be told as well. I know our church has biblical voter guides available out in the hall for people to take and look over, but that's about as far as they have gone to say anything about the elections to the congregations.  I guess that's how it should be. Provide the info and let the people decide but don't make a big deal about it from the pulpit. People do have differing views...for very good reasons...on both sides of the isle and many do come from christian perspectives.
(Optional) How are your personal political views influenced by the Bible? 

 I do vote my biblical views as best as I can and as long as there is a candidate that is somewhat influenced by faith and their religion.  I will always vote prolife.  I feel that is one area where the Bible speaks loud and clear about not killing or murdering. I consider abortion murder.  Other's don't feel that way and don't have an isssue with the topic.  That being said, people will bring up the topic of capital punishment and war.  I do beleive God told his people to go to war on several occasions to follow his will, protect the nation of Isreal, etc.  So, I do feel that if war is warrented for the safety and protection of our country and allies, then our nation should consider it as an option.  God bless the men and women who stand up and fight for our nation by being in the armed forces.  There is not enough gratitude in my heart for what many have done on our behalf.

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