Monday, April 23, 2012

Life with Us

Just a quick post with a few pictures to show what's been going on in our lives. I spent most of March making this:
So this could happen, in England:
While her parents were in England for the wedding, my children went from this:

to this:
 for 2 weeks.
While the parents were gone our co-op went to the zoo:

to see this and this:

The very wild animals we found:
Then I took the 4 girls to the LBJ State Park and we found more animals:

On April 11th we welcomed a new baby to our family. We got to see her on April 12th. My nephew & his wife had their 2nd girl!
Everyone wanted a closer look, even great Poppaw! Great-Mammaw is holding the baby.
This is how my girls looked when we saw the baby in the morning (above). Then we went to see my niece, nephew-in-law and their sweet little girl (modeling the dress I made for her AND her Daddy's shoes):
I left my babies with my niece and came back to find them all grown up looking like this:
And somewhere along the way we had Easter and I took ZERO pictures! WAAAAAHHHH!!! And homeschool, and co-op, and Girl Scouts, and church, and yes, I've even had some shows for my cooking business that I don't know if I'm allowed to mention now that I'm doing that again. It rhymes with Hampered Jeff.

Hope you enjoyed this little picture tour!

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