Monday, August 8, 2011

I'm still alive!

My mommy just spanked me. My Mom just let me know it's been nearly four months since I posted here! YIKES! I guess it's time to post something. Something deep and profound. Or not.

In May I was dealing with some abdominal pain that I'm still not sure what the cause was. It was on the left side and I thought it was kidney related at first. Nope. Went to the gastroenterologist & got scoped out. Both ends. And, yes, they did clean the scope off in between. LOL! All was good. That means my gluten free diet is working! She did tell me to stop using ibuprofen as it seemed to be causing problems in the lining. Sorry if that's TMI! A friend suggested maybe I bruised a rib. That very well could have been the case. I'm wondering if during my first (yes, first, there was another one) kidney stone procedure it got bruised from the pressure.

About the time that pain started going away my old friend the kidney stone started to move. This one was on the right side. I landed in the ER in mid-June, then in the Doctor's office. He planned to do a procedure the next day, but I'd taken ibuprofen that day, and had to be off any blood thinning medication for a week prior to surgery or shocking the stone. See what I get for not listening to the gi dr.? He did decide to put in a stent the next day. Oh. Boy. What. Fun. (Don't you hate when people. type. with. periods.? LOL!)

On June 30th I had surgery to remove the stone. If you look at a calendar you'll realize that was a Thursday. Guess what comes right after June 30th? Well, July 1st does, but I'm thinking of July 4th. Which meant, I had to wait until AFTER the 4th of July to have the stent removed. Since the offices were closed on the 4th, and we were out of town, I had it removed on the 5th. It was painful. Having the first one out wasn't. In fact, it was a relief when I had it out. This one was different. That night I developed a pain that was as bad as passing a stone. I took some hydrocodone and called the doctor's office to find a doctor on call. The dr. who called me back said this was common, that my ureter had closed off and my kidney was backed up, but it would pass. He said as long as there was no fever it would be okay. Thankfully he was right!

It's taken a few weeks, but finally my body seems to be healing. Apart from a new issue I developed last summer: migraines. I had an attack this weekend. Since I'd never had one before last year, I don't recognize the signs & wasn't sure what to do for it. I do know I spent most of Friday and Saturday in bed. Today I am feeling human again. Which is good since I HAVE to go mail things. I've been selling off things on ebay and have 17 items to ship today! I remember reading in Dave Ramsey's book that one way to help prevent/get out of debt is to sell what you have. He said to sell so much that the kids thought you'd be selling them next! ha, ha! My kids are just discovering which stamp sets I've sold and saying, "Mom, you sold THAT? I liked that set!" It's okay. They have more money than I do. They can buy their own! : )

I'll try to post again soon so my parents don't ground me you can find out what's going on here. I know you are waiting by the computer for my entries. WHAT? You AREN'T????

Have a great day!

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