Friday, July 2, 2010

3 Quick Stone Tips

  1. MEAT! Put meat in or on a stone. Be sure it has edges as grease will run off. LOVE to rub some seasoning all over a chicken, set it up on the Fluted Pan (bundt style) and roast in the oven. All the fat drips to the bottom of the pan. You can put veggies in the bottom if you want them cooked & juicy!
  2. Frozen Fries: Okay, PC will tell you not to put frozen stuff straight from freezer to stone to oven. I will verify that if you put something really thick & solid frozen, you will hear a heart sickening crack (it also happens if your meat goes dry & you pour cold water into the hot stone in the oven---just sayin'). French fries---the nasty frozen ones from the grocery store--work great on a stone. We spread them out & bake as directed on the package. Then sprinkle with seasoning salt. No, there in not anything healthy about this. It just tastes good and is cheaper than McDonald's.
  3. Roasted Potatoes. My new friend Lovely Mary in Houston makes the most wonderful "simple" but oh, so gourmet tasting foods. She has me hooked on roasting potatoes! I scrub & cut my taters into pieces & either put in a bowl with olive oil, then sprinkle on a bunch of yummy seasonings OR melt a stick of butter in the stone (I use the rectangular baker or Deep Covered Baker---without the cover), pour in potatoes, mix well to coat with butter and add seasonings. I roast these fairly hot (about 425F) for 25-30 minutes or until I jump off my chair smelling them screaming, "Oh, my goodness! I forgot the potatoes!" Good thing is with a stone you SELDOM burn things (um, yeah, you CAN burn things in a stone, trust me).
Hope you are enjoying the confessions of a former PC consultant! LOL!

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