Monday, June 7, 2010

What IS cookin' with Chef Mama???

My dad said he's tired of seeing my cinnamon rolls on my blog, so I thought I better post to let you know we are alive here. On May 10th, my friend Kathy had a mastectomy in Houston for breast cancer. Since that week, we've been to Houston weekly until last week. The last time we came home my family headed to my MIL's house, so actually, as of tonight I have finally been in my own bed for a full week. That is I've SLEPT in my own bed. I do get out during the day (though a few naps might have taken place).

There is a lot of info that makes for some interesting blog posting (if you are bored & looking for something mind numbing to read) but I will save that for later.

Here are a few pics of what I call our "While You were Sleeping" events (ie what Kathy's, Danette's and my girls did in various groupings, while Kathy was in the hospital). I'll try to come back with more info at some point.
At the zoo. This one was Sarah's choice & she saw SEVERAL animals she'd never seen in real life. No, I am not pregnant. I just look that way. It's called a Smith Belly.

Annie & a Nanny (goat). At the Health Museum. SMILE!

Houston equals HOT! Swimming at Uncle Greg's House (my brother). This was EVERYONE's choice, even my niece, Becky.

Becky IS pregnant. We just have matching tummies. Becky made the girls kiss baby Karis (ie her tummy) and make a heart for their baby cousin coming in August.

SHOPPING (well, window shopping) at the Galleria. Annie's & Natalie's choice! The girls ice skated first.

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