Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hot day in May

What do you do when you are too young to drive, too poor to have your own pool, too bored being inside and too hot outside? You make your own pool using materials from inside to cool off outside & not drive your mom crazy! LOL! The pictures do not reveal the faces of the innocent---or the goofy in this case---but I think you can see how innovative these girls are. You might also imagine what all is dumped on my floor that WAS inside those boxes. Ah, something to keep them busy when they come inside.

Big sister is always the photographer and videographer and she has not failed on her duties today. I'm just hoping she can keep the camera dry with all the splashing going on out there. I'm also hoping the windows on the van are closed because a certain 11 year old belonging to us decided to show me how well the water hose worked, with it pointed right at the van. Ay ay ay!

Summer is here, I do believe. I know for some of you there is still the possibility or even reality of snow this day. Not so much in South Texas. If you come to visit this time of year, bring a swimsuit. We have pools in assorted sizes.

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Carolina said...

Almost fell off my chair laughing ...... :D